Deep in my heart I sensed a call into the ministry of the word to teach and preach the Gospel. In 1998, after several years preaching and teaching, I wrote my first book titled The Principles of Success. It was the beginning of the writing ministry of Funsho and I. We organised Inspiration House Publishing to produce and distribute titles that are designed to instruct the saints in the principles of God’s word.



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  • Hey mum! Where are you?

    Mothers are very important in life and I always feel sorry for all those who lost their mums early in life and especially who had nobody to stand in the place of their mothers. It is good and a blessing to have a mother or a mother figure in one's life. It is wonderful to have a super mum.
  • Dad, are you there?

    Fathers are the game changers in their families. They dictate the tempo. Fathers are special. They are made not born. They are loyal and they stand and die for their families' sake if need be. What kind of father are you? What kind will you like to be? What does God expect from you as a father? Let us read and discover how to become a great father... just like your heavenly Father is.
  • Headstart: A Teenager's guide to financial empowerment

    Headstart: A Teenager's guide to financial empowerment published by Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Ltd, Headstart was part of a series of books developed for young people and released in 2007. Written in simple and clear language, the book opens a world of opportunities to young people
  • Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know

    Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know exposes teenage girls and those approaching the teenage age to all the changes they should expect in their bodies and in their thinking and perception of themselves and even those around them. The book tries to explain to girls the dangers of myths and old wives’ tales which endanger the lives of young adults
  • Kingdom Principles for Success in Marriage

    Kingdom Principles for Success in Marriage is a classic and must read for every generation. It elucidates on time tested, and proven principles. A timely marriage manual!
  • The 21st Century Woman

    Produced in a beautiful hard bound cover, The 21st Century Woman is a compendium of teachings from several authors spanning topics in prayer, marriage, parenting, finances and legal issues. With 10 sections and 34 chapters, the book is relevant for all women from 18 years to 80 years. A must have for every woman
  • The 8 immutable Laws of Parenting 2

    The 8 immutable Laws of Parenting (Workbook 1& 2) are two workbooks used in a Parenting Seminar. It explores the laws of parenting from the Bible, leading participants in a learning experience. A highly interactive learning process, the 8 immutable laws of parenting helps parents with tools to succeed in the greatest job of all times.


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